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For Takeoff



The Flying Diver is currently in the cockpit of change. We're giving a major overhaul to bring you into the thrilling world of helicopters and diving like never before!


We’re firing up the engine on an exclusive YouTube channel, loaded with adventure and educational content as well as working on some very special, handmade limited collections!


As we prepare for takeoff, we’d love you to join us in the cockpit! As a crew member, you'll be the first to know when we're ready to launch and gain access to insider previews, exclusive offers and behind-the-scenes stories from my life in the sky & ocean.

(We promise we’re too busy to spam you!)


Until then, keep your eyes on the horizon; the adventure is about to begin!

P.S - Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel... it's going to be epic!

So glad to have you part of the crew!

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