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When I first told my parents I was quitting Law after 7 years in the industry - and being only a few subjects off of completing my Law degree - they thought I was insane. I cried because I didn't know who I was; they cried because I was walking away from what they thought was the only road to a successful future.

Our whole lives we are taught that the formula to success is a good job and an even better salary, and that we have to go through the notion of University, followed by a relentless, social sacrificing climb of the corporate ladder, until we one day retire and FINALLY we can enjoy the freedoms of retirement [assuming you do actually live until these later years.].

Then, when something inside us tells us that this isn’t enough, that we want more, we begin to feel lost and we can resort to self-diagnosing ourselves as depressed because we’ve never previously given ourselves permission to ask what that “something more” could be.

This was me.

I was desperate for more freedom to learn, to experience adventure on days not limited to Saturday or Sunday. I was desperate to do work that felt inspiring. I wanted more freedom to volunteer and change the lives of strangers. And as cliche' as it may sound, I was desperate to live - not simply exist.

So, with my world crumbling around me (marriage breakdown, the very first word of Covid, the home I built being sold, losing my dog, my step dad being diagnosed as terminal and sooooo much more...), I began a very lonely journey to seeking out the life I KNEW I was destined for. A life of adventure, culture and service. I dreamed of a life not limited to Saturdays and Sundays and 4 weeks worth of annual leave. Heck, I didn't survive cancer to live a mediocre life!

The journey I set out on was met with so much resistance. Family and friends telling me I'm crazy and that I'd never "make it" only fired me up even more, and now? I haven't exactly"made it" but I'm certainly MAKING IT! Fast forward almost 2 years and I now fly helicopters, free/scuba dive, and create content for some of the most epic brands that pay me to literally live a life of crazy experiences!

And whilst I can't yet tell you how the story ends, I can assure you that I'm fulfilling my desire to experience a life of unprecedented adventure.

I just hope I can also fulfil my wish to inspire YOU to seek out that "something more".

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